Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Cleaning Robot Review

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Smart Automatic Remote Control Glass Wiper with Microfiber Pad Schedule Function Multiple Routes. Check price and more.

If your live in tall buildings, cleaning window becomes a tough task for you. It’s hard and dangerous to clean the dusty window outside by yourselves. Now our brand new window cleaning robot is coming to solve your problems. The microfiber pads effectively scrub the glass surface, remove the oil stain, dirt and dust. So that your window is cleaned up thoroughly and efficiently in a few minutes. With 3 cleaning routes, you can switch by the remote controller. Whether you are looking to clean glass surfaces that have not been cleaned in years or looking to save costs on window cleaning, it is a good helper for you, start your smart life now with Alfawise!

I received the second Widows Cleaner Robot. I will offer it as gift.
A few days ago I received the first Robot, so I used it. It’s so usefull. Works perfect. I have clened with the robot 20 sqm of windows on the both faces, so it cleaned 40 sqm perfect.
I tried to work with windows detergent and only with… rain wather. I had the same result: perfect. I think that it’s ok to use detergent for car windscreen with the same results.
I used it even for roof windows (Velux). It works perfect even if the window is horizontally.
I think that it can be use with best results for wood floors, ceramics or furniture.
I can’t tell nothing about the fiability.
The cleaning textile cloth can be wash, so you can use it for long terms.
Some people can be upset by the noise (like a silent vacuum cleaner) or by the small speed (5min/ 1 sqm).
For me those are not really problems.
Check price and more.