Alfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner Review

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It works and it’s fun to watch.
Color:White Size:EU Plug
We purchased this window cleaning robot to clean some windows in our house which are hard to access. This robot requires to be plugged in all the time and also charged in order to function. I’m guessing the built-in battery is for safety concern (so it can still stay on window even when the power cord is loose). There is an indicator light to show the current status of the robot – green/charged, red/charging, flashing red/error…etc
It’s easy to use the robot. It came with cleaning cloth pre-installed and also an extra pair spare cleaning cloth. I just had to connect it to power, long press power button to make sure the vacuum suction starts, place it on window, and press power button again (or use remote) to start cleaning. It has different cleaning patterns as well as auto edge sensing. Overall this really helps to make cleaning windows around the house easier.
Check price and more.