Cop Rose x6 Smart Robot Window Cleaner Review and coupon code

Cop Rose x6 Smart Robot Window Cleaner is on sale. As talked before, most window cleaning robots only work vertically, and this is true to Cop Rose x6. You can use it to wash walls and windows, but not floors.

$179.99 & Coupon: SDRosex6   endtime: 2018.07.07
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Main Features:
• You don’t need to take a risk to clean your window
• Risk-free to clean the window of tall building
• Two cleaning modes, high efficiency
• With intelligent cleaning route, fast and efficient
• Security assurance, anti-drop design
• Small and lightweight, easy to carry
• Laser sensor, intelligent detection, it can automatically plan the cleaning area
• Intelligent pressure sensor, it can monitor the pressure condition in real time
• Remote control system, easy and convenient
• It can also clean floor, table, wall
• Built-in Li-ion battery for emergency use
• The remote controller is powered by 2 x AA ( not included )