G1W-CB Full Black 2.7 inch 1080P Full HD Car DVR Review

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2.7 inch LCD screen, 1080P FULL HD video
Novatek 96650 chipset
12.0MP image resolution
120-degree wide angle lens
30/60 frames per second for smooth video flow
Powerful document protection, even in the recording process, the occurrence of sudden power outages, machine damage, etc., video will be intact
Support HDMI output, AV-OUT(mini USB interface)
Seamless loop-cycle recording function
Automatic circulating video recording in driving
Support TF card extension up to 32G (not included)
This G1W-C use capacitor instead of battery, it is much safer
Input voltage: 8 – 24V
Output voltage: 5V
Static pixel: 1200W
Dynamic pixel: 300W

– General look and build is fine – Small size
– Easy to use
– Video quality
– The picture is quite smooth, without ghosting
– Lock video in easy way – Simple change day\night mode with one button
– 60 FPS (but only in 720p, for me better is 1080p and 30 FPS)
– Long power cabel (in my case could be a little longer)
– Allowed to choose cycled recording
– Possible to change the length of single video
– Video format (32GB can stored about 340 min of video, 3 min has 288 MB)

Because small part of bracket was broken (and additionaly was falling) I have reported it to Gearbest who refund me some money, I bought another bracket myself and everything is ok. Big plus for Gearbest. In general I am satisfy of this camera and I can recommended this item. Because picture tell more then words, please look at attached photos and video. I can only add here one video but who will be interested, on the youtube account is more records in different conditions, also unpacking video. All videos are in 1080p and default settings.

– In my case bracket drop down after few seconds (also without camera)
– Buttons looks a little cheap (but works fine)
– When I turn on the power (without engine) then camera also turn on, and afterwards when I start engine then camera turn off and I have to manually turn on it, not user friendly (similar like radio, but in this case radio turn on again automaticly). If I start engine in one move of key then everything is fine.
– Personally I do not see any difference between day and night mode

On the memory card I have few files which are broken. Card is new but I can not be sure in this moment if it is issue with card or with camera. I just checked again last 40 files, all are fine.

Check price and more.