How it feels working in a US tech company

Yew Jin Lim, Tech Lead Manager of Google Now, started off as a Software Engineer at Google, Mountain View. In every position that he took at Google, he shows himself filled with job satisfaction. “Previously, I led the charge on updating spell checking in documents and presentations in Google Docs and Chrome that grows and adapts with the web — so now errors like “Lee Kuan You” → “Lee Kuan Yew” are picked up automatically. One user loved this feature so much that I now have a standing invitation to Thanksgiving at her home! My love for turkey aside, this really showed me how much impact developments like these can have in people’s lives,” he claims in excitement. “In my current role at Google Now, you can get traffic information about your morning commute or find popular places near you when visiting a new city, get your favorite team’s latest score and more. Building this service has been an exciting challenge for me which positively impact the lives of many users. I feel like I am helping to build the future!”

Benjamin Chew, a Web Applications Developer at SmartHealth, Inc. located in Phoenix, AZ, has worked in only one job for the last 10 years. “It’s a medium size private company, and although there are about 500 people in the company, it still has a family feel. Leadership is easy to talk to as I routinely run into the senior executives in the corridors and have personal conversations with them. There are lots of opportunities to grow in my company as I am on a small team. Thus I have to learn and grow in many different areas in order to meet the challenges at work.”