Wasu Rainbow

wasu rainbowAlibaba’s upcoming Wasu Rainbow should be out before the end of the year. It has a completely custom-built OS (not Android, apparently) that looks a lot like the interface of an Xbox 360. It has all the typical features plus a few bonus perks from Alibaba-owned companies: streaming music from Xiaomi[……]

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PPBoxThe name never ceases to make me giggle. Wasu Media and PPTV, a popular video streaming site, provide the content. The first batch of only 800 units sold out in three minutes when it was released in June. PPBoxes run RMB 299 ($49) a pop. The box comes loaded with a Cortex A9 GPU, Bluetooth, and Andr[……]

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Huawei MediaQ

huawei mediaqMediaQ is banking on its hardware more than its features. It runs on Android and sports a quad-core Cortex A9 chip, Bluetooth, and dual-band wi-fi for RMB 488 ($80). It can be used with multiple screens, such as simultaneously on a tablet and TV. Skype-like video calls using a built-in camera, voice[……]

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Xiaomi TV Box

The much-hyped Xiaomi Box was delayed by media regulators for several months, but it sold out almost immediately when it was made available for pre-order in March. The device costs $63, or $48 for Xiaomi phone owners. Like most of its competitors, it has a custom OS built on Android. A new version s[……]

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