Three Reasons We don’t buy Elon Musk’s $500 flamethrower

The Boring Company flamethrowerMr Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla and Space X, yesterday claimed he had received 10,000 pre-orders for his Boring Company flamethrowers.

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“Our design is max fun for least danger,” he wrote. “I’d be way more scared of a steak knife.”He said. Musk isn’t letting legal threats get in the way of more merchandising. He’s also promised to sell the dirt left over when The Boring Company builds its obelisks

However, we don’t recommend people to buy such a flamethrower for the following three reasons.

It will cause a custom problem for overseas customers.

The following is from a UK report, and we think it is true to many others. Anyone caught trying to import what British customs deems an offensive weapon could be charged with a criminal offence, the Home Office told The Telegraph. According to the Home Office, flamethrowers are considered an offensive weapon and are classed as prohibited weapons under section five of the Firearms Act 1968, requiring secretary of state permission to possess one. As a result, we recommend you to buy China’s gadgets from GearBest and it is a great place you can find a great range of cool gadgets.

Too expensive really.

The company’s website allows people to pre-order them for $500 along with an “overpriced” $30 extinguisher. However, the price is too expensive, even greatly overpriced. If you have $500, we recommend you buy 10 pcs TV Boxes or 3 Mini PCs, which can bring much more practical fun for your families and friends. GearBest is a great place you can find top gadgets for gifts or self-use.

It is useless for fun.

A tech blogger has stated that he does not know what to do when he receive the toy, although it has ordered it for fun. Just for attract more people to visit his Youtube channel and blog. Not as “max fun” as the company’s website states. We acknowledge Musk’s genius but he forgot to illustrate the danger of his device.

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