Universal Car Rear View Camera License Plate Frame Review

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The backup camera is designed to give additional convenience when backing your vehicle. It’s a perfect fit for any car and it’s almost invisible once mounted. This camera has been developed and produced from the highest quality materials available to ensure the best performance for years to come. The camera equipped with a 170 degree lens which is up and down tiltable, it provides you large viewing fields and eliminates blind spots behind you.

Mains Features:
Heavy-duty License Plate Frame Backup Camera
Rearview camera with license plate frame, fits exactly to contours of vehicle, holds the license plate securely, without block any crucial license plate info, the frame rear view camera is pretty low profile not to interfere with the handle / latch of your car. The license plate camera is perfect for all vehicles with a standard U.S. license plate

HD Infrared Night Vision RV Camera
Hi-definition color pictures, sensitive real-time and continuous, with the help of wired back up camera, you won’t be disturbed when you reverse your car even in adverse weather. With 8 IR LEDs, night vision reversing camera provides you realistic and comfortable images for night time or dark space backing up. Good job in day and night viewing, the jam-free license camera just would like to guarantee safe driving

Wide Viewing Angle Parking Assist Camera
Wide angle, plus built-in unmovable distance scale lines, trapezoid electronic ruler function, it’s a thoughtful powerful parking camera. To work perfectly, the license plate camera can be tilted down far enough to show the ground less than 2 feet from the back bumper, and show the horizon at the same time. Then you can see everything behind, eliminates all the blind spots behind the car. The clarity, color and wide angle view makes it spectacular

Waterproof Shockproof Vehicle Backup Camera
IP68 high waterproof level, the reverse camera would never be fogged or wet even in storm or bad rainy day. Plus, professional shockproof design, the safety and security assist camera does just work for your vehicle

Works for Almost All Vehicle
The universal car rearview camera works for trucks, SUVs and all cars. The video cable is about 6M, long enough. Versatile compatibility, backup security camera can be connected to any monitor with RCA video input

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