Up Air One GPS Brushless RC Quadcopter puts your eyes in the air

Up Air One RC quadcopter puts your eyes in the air. The economic aircraft encourages excellent aerial photography. The 2-axis gimbal, Position Hold, and Altitude Hold allow you to take full advantage of the 16MP camera to record clear and smooth 4K UHD 30fps videos.
Up Air One GPS Brushless RC Quadcopter - RTF
Intelligent flight modes – Waypoints and Follow Me help realize marvelous shots since everything can go smoothly. In addition, the UAV, equipped with GPS, can always return to the home point, ensuring a carefree flight.

● GPS-enabled RTH, including Smart RTH, low-voltage RTH, fail-safe RTH
● Extraordinary aerial view – 2-axis gimbal, 16MP camera, 100-degree FOV, 800m FPV range
● Waypoints and Follow Me facilitating filming to a greater extent
● Position Hold and Altitude Hold ensure stability for smooth shots
● Up to 25min flight time provided by the 5400mAh intelligent battery

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