Waterproof Rear View License Plate Backup Camera Review

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Main features:
– Water proof, anti-shock.
– 170 Degree wide viewing angle.
– Die cast Metal housing, durable to use for long life.
– Small and compact design, convenient to use.
– With IP67 waterproof rating to make sure it is working safely.
– Mount the camera to your car’s license plate area, back window, or any other suitable place.
– Simple installation.
– 7 infrared night vision LED.

Good build quality. I have it for 8 months installed on my rear bumper. Some times i hit other cars while reversing and it still works great, No signs of scratches.
Long wire to go through your car interior to the front panel.
Bright infrared lights that enable you to see very clearly, even at night, without glowing and attracting attention.
Adjustable up-down axis tilt to get the perfect viewing angle, even after installation.
If your car is not black, then the camera will be visible, but you can paint it, just like I did, to the color of your car, so it will be barely visible.
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